Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How invisible beasties wrestled time and memory from the bosom of its afflcited.

It was the winter of '67, in Beth Israel Hospital, and patients were stuck in time from microbes they inhaled over 40 years ago. During that period of wintry blast, a young exuberant man, bearded to the hilt, would capture their experiences, tragedies, ruined existences: and sway the rest of mankind forever with their story.

The sudden realization, and indeed one part of the deeper mysteries of life, that things we take for granted - will and muscular control - can be bewitched from us at any instant, by airborne 'animalcules' invisible, is incredibly curious. (note: O. Sacks was the man, 'the people the disease had' was encephalitis lethargica.

The more you look into the workings of the drugs these patients were experimentally given to 'unfreeze' (or 'awaken') provides new truthes to those who keep going deeper [pharmacology] - the story of the microbes which infested them [virology] is also wonderous -pondering how these microbes have done, up to this point in human history, - we know not what [epigenetics] also gives one immense satisfaction and lifts one into a higher state of being - above the tedium and monotony of our fellows, when we glimpse the workings of that vital force we call life. No account of this 'freezing' episode can in its totality be final without looking at the scenario of infections in these different 'science shades'.

Now, before you, I will give you that long sought answer as to how those invisible beasties wrestled time and memory from the bosom of its afflicted.

"Our DNA - that one thing which allows children to begot like looking children - has every 147 of its rungs wrapped in a beautiful cord around a circular protein - calledby scientists the wonderous 'nucleosome' - this wonderous 'nsome' can be adorned like a christmas tree with decorations, which when progeny are created, inherit and keep these adorned gifts.
The beaties perfuming the air which stunts human will was found and terme the kryptic 'Trypanosome Bruccei - its passions for blood actively affect 70 million, it's thirst for destruction yearly ends the lives of 50,000 still.
She enters the 2 holes we call nostrils and makes her way to the river of life and it's oxygen rafts (the bllood stream). She is adorned with a 'horn like coat' and adapts on many occasions to our immune defenses. She first 'puts to sleep' - via cell replication arrest - a small village like population of cells, then a fly must come along (called the tetse) and whosper this arrested virus back to life (called inserting a vektor). Lower temperatures and new chemicals call a flight to growth, and her 13 genes associated with chromatin alteration will get to work and mess with histones.

to be continued.

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