Friday, March 23, 2012

Steroids and their affects

The role of steroid actions on hormones has reported to have an affect on children (re: what roids have wrought)  - the specifics I know not, but it makes sense that particular 'guys' thrown into the blood stream will work their way into cells, manipulate the said machinery's, and their new introduction will cause the silent proteins within to alter the architecture of DNA reading mechanisms so some are turned on, others off (and this no doubt will carry some info in the sperm, as the organism is altering his DNA by doing this).

I always find myself immediately looking at the children of someone whose used 'steroids', seeing if I can glance any sort of abnormal hormone development (very arm chair genetic like and prejudicial).

On a side note: the mechanisms of steroids and their friends has been a bit of a curious phenomena because humans care for it (the majority) only for its aesthetic effects on muscle and its visual associated pleasantries - whatever 'gets off' the protein creating pathways, that'll work! Thus companies have been taking mimics ('stereoisomers') of the said sex hormone, hoping a similar shapped molecule (ball) will somewhat land on a similar shaped receptor (hole) and the said effect (stimulation of the pathways) will be somewhat similar.

The process by itself of 'lifting' is very curious - it was only by chance that some ancestor of ours had these musculature cells increase in properties (and eventually size) in response to use (much like brain cells adapt according to stimulate - memory, etc).  How crazy is it that the placement of something from here to there causes some physical thing within an arm to alter, DNA is actually messed with, and that bulge becomes larger! To relate the stereoisomer idea and the epigenetics of steroids to this, the body is holistic, there is the endocrine, sympathetic and autosympathetic nervous systems, digestive, reproductive, etc - each one monitors the other, and each one adapts to the other (or the system to itself). Thus, introduction of artificial hormones leads the bodys 'hormone level sense machine' to less its own internal production in response, but thats just the body limiting the production of one shape of molecule. Increase visualization, increase power of nerve impulse power -> increase sympatic strength and number of transmitters dumped on muscle fibers (no hormones needed) - alter proprioceptive properties (pain centers), now all of a sudden the organism will not stop a particular level of stimulation, and the muscle will go to lengths its never gone before. The insulin response also facilitate muscle growth (digestive interacting with muscular system) - how it works I'm not certain, but many a supplement company will argue some effect exists, and their product will use this idea, albeit always only 100% to your advantage!

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