Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And so I begin:
What are these parts - faces composed of ears and noses, feet with different shaped toes - a body with two arms, both looking similar, both 2 other appendages sticking out from the torso, looking odd and weird, barely anything like the first two (the legs)?
How comes it they all originated from 1 cell, and all of their cells have the same DNA, yet they appear so differently?
And so we come to the mysteries of DNA readouts - a book from the library of nature - in which each cell only reads its appropriate chapter, and a book in which disease can add its own punctuation marks, commas, and periods, to its lines, and pass it down from generation to generation.

The mystery of mysteries- how infinitely dividing cells, cells immortal - kill organisms - is studied in this field (cancer) - how eating meat can lead to nerve cell damage is also peered into (mad cow disease) - how the lives of the elderly can become utterly destroyed, losing memory and 'intellectual diginity' through causes we know not, is also studied (alzeimers).
Breath in dear reader, for mysteries whose spirits orgasmic will enter your nostrils, peirce your heart, and give you endless satisfaction in complemplating this world didvine.

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