Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mysteries of mental illness = stones on DNA?

"you are the music while the music lasts"

A paradox for why drugs that 'selectively disrupt' dopamine or serotonin transporters is it takes at least a week for behavioral changes to take place. If the synapse is flooded by the disruption within a few minutes, why does it take a while (a week or more) for the person to have alleviated symptoms?

The current theory relates to the idea it takes time for gene expression to change, perhaps somehow this increased signaling. will cause invisible tyrosine kinases to start making intracellular, or dna changes (they take notice, holla to the nucleus, and start making proteins to create more receptors... or add phosphate groups to things like CREB, or manage to sensitive sodium and potassium channels, etc.)

Well one revelation from 'hereditary memory' is that a fetus, when exposed to stress from the mother, (or alcohol), causes methyl and histone groups to be placed on the fetus' DNA (and even it's own gamate cells, what will someday be its children) which will stop those genes from being transcribed now and in future - this behaviorally, depending on what's altered, will result in the grown fetus displaying 'overstress'... avoidance behavior.. 'behavioral problems' - etc.
Think what this means - It means it could be the way humans in the 21st century have managed to 'counteract' inherited brain kinks (depression/anxiety/mental disorders) via ingesting pills, has, paradoxically, only worked because it made epigenetic alterations (which the humans didnt even realize was the cause)
Funny how nature works

Included: Beethoven's first movement of the moonlight sonata - whom, thanks to books and the power of gossip - left to this generation stories of his odd behavior, and powerful obsession with music. I know not if he had the perturbed brain state of Vincent Van Gogh, but curious how alterations to histones and mental illness has shaped the personalities of history and those before us.

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